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Random Tech Tip of the Week: Online look –up of CT DMV Last Known Address

Here’s a tip that’s worthy of the “that was easy” button.

If you were looking for the last known address for an individual in Connecticut prior to 2009, the process was fairly simple: hand your documents over to a marshal and he/she would place a call to the DMV’s office and voila, the marshal was provided with the last known address to effectuate legal service.

Then, in late 2009, the “phone service party” ended when the CT Department of Motor Vehicle Commissioner announced that the state DMV would no longer provide telephone access to obtain a last known address, but instead would require marshals to complete a form and a $20 fee.  This, as you can imagine, kicked the SOL (Statute of Limitation) heat up a notch . . . or two . . . perhaps three.  Litigants now had to factor in  additional time for the marshal to locate a last known address by mail.

Alas, this past July the Judicial Branch announced the result of collaborative effort with the state DMV to offer the last known address from state DMV records electronically through the Judicial Branch E-services menu.  The service, however, is available only to licensed attorneys or firms who are enrolled in e-services through the Judicial Branch’s page, and still requires a $20 fee regardless of whether a record is located or not.  Responses to inquiries can take as little as 24 hours to process. Let the procrastination resume . . .

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